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One thing we can’t say about home tutor in Chanakyapuri is that his/her daily availability. Nowadays the home tuition provider in Chanakyapuri takes their leave without any notification. But we never make that mistake. Yes, we give you the best home tutor provider in Chanakyapuri who offers the best home tuition in Chanakyapuri. This is possible with the Takhti app.

If he/she is not available on a day then we Takhti team will send you another tutor as a replacement who is also the best home tutor in Chanakyapuri. There are also several online tutors in Chanakyapuri who offers modern home tuition in Chanakyapuri. With live classes and mobile notifications, the tuition in Chanakyapuri became smarter. Now say hello to digital home tuition in Delhi.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  What is takhti?
TAKHTI is an initiative by like-minded individuals who wants to bring the change in education system by technology. We at TAKHTI believe in Power of KNOWLEDGE. In our opinion every child deserves to be taught by quality teachers. We are committed to provide educational pathways leading to basic and applied knowledge in education. Our motive is to inspire a passion for learning
  How to Become a Tutor Online?
If you are looking to become an online tutor, We with our android application takthi app are providing a portal where you can register as an online tutor. Once you have registered we will do verification of your profile. Once the verification is done we will find students for you. It very becomes a tutor Online.
  What Do i sign up to be a tutor ?
You can visit our website or you can download our app from google play store. There you can learn more and register as a tutor and fill in all required prompts. Once all required information and documents are submitted your application will be under official review.
   What are the eligibility requirements to become a tutor?
Tutors must prove competency and prowess in the subject they wish to teach. Potential tutors must provide their education and relevant work experience when submitting applications.
  Can I ask for a student’s contact info?
We provide you complete details of the students and vise-a-versa. You can arrange your meeting with the students as per their need/requirements. If you misuse any student’s information you will be in violation of our terms and conditions and your account will be deactivated. Furthermore, legal action will be taken against you.

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