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Takhti - TutorFinder App

TAKHTI is an initiative by like-minded individuals who wants to bring the change in education system via technology. We at TAKHTI believe in Power of KNOWLEDGE In our opinion every child deserves to be taught by quality teachers.

Education is a combined effort of parents, students, teachers, and community working together. We aim to provide students with the most convenient, accessible and cost effective way possible to learn via technology We are committed to provide educational pathways leading to basic and applied knowledge in education. Our motive is to inspire a passion for learning.

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What Our students Say about us!

Harsh Raj

Got Physics tutor from Takhti

The services of Takhti are very helpful. We found a very good physics teacher through your website. I have already recommended the same to many of my friends. Thanks to you once again and keep the good work going.

Gunjan Sharma

Got English tutor from Takhti

I am very thankful to your site, I was looking at many sites which can provide tutor contacts but I was not happy with it,but through your site, I am able to find the right tutor for me. I got a good tutor who solved my problems which I used to face in exams. I am really thankful

Bishal Deka

Got Math tutor from Takhti

I am using this service for a pretty long time to get teachers, and it was always very easy for me. Moreover, these guys response pretty quickly and I am quite satisfied with their way of working.

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